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Para-Legal Assistants/Researchers

These people work in the home doing research on past court records for any useful information. They can have respectable salaries depending on their specialty and are mostly people who have experience in the field of law or are lawyers in the making seeking additional income as they strive to become lawyers. Reviewing past documents and records of court cases along with the provisions of laws whose contents might hold the key to a case, making research skills vital and invaluable. Most documents in the area have already been digitized and are available online from the many Federal Libraries that keep them as parts of their records. Courts also need them to collate the information presented by both sides allowing the best and most logical decisions. If you like law and want to partake in it, then why not get a job as paralegal assistant.

Public Relations Specialists

prspec.jpgThis is a job that requires long hours of online promotion of people and organizations who need to make themselves known. These specialists are proficient and well versed in writing and editing reports, speeches, press releases, promotional materials and web copies of documents that are required by people as part of their public relations staff. Convenient yet sometimes taxing due to the need for relevance and up to date information that may require constant changes to material that has already been prepared. These PR specialists work as the eyes and ears of the people they represent who may not have enough time to go through the myriad of information sources relying on them to screen out and select the areas of interest that may also be interesting to their audience.

Database Managers

baseman.jpgDatabases are essential in today’s computer driven world, find me a company without one and you might be out of luck. Most if not all companies have a database in one form or the other and they all need taming to keep them in check. Many companies have opted to outsource their database management jobs for the mere fact that instead of having a dedicated employee do the job online specialists can do the same job, even better at home. This might be a nice job but be forewarned that it can be taxing. Databases, depending on the size of the organization and the amount of data they deal with may entail a round the clock job of monitoring and maintenance. People who work in the field usually have long established relationships with the company and have reputations to match. They are responsible for monitoring, up-keep and back-up processing should it needed be. The option of having remote data centers has also opened up more jobs for companies no longer have all their data stored in one common site, why, any disaster can render them all useless in one swoop.

Video Game Testers

gametester.jpgAnother product of the digital revolution, video game testers do testing on computer games which can be sent to you in chapters or as the whole game. Video games like other computer programs have inherent bugs and testers are the lifeblood of game makers for they get to find bugs that can only be found by people who play them, without the influence of the people who made it themselves. Teens and even kids have been recruited for this job and many have been earning a lot in the process. Some have even become regulars who game companies seek for their products who have been successful in the past. What an easier way to earn a living than by playing a video game and getting to beat the system they have designed.